Charity Quiz Nights

Blakemans’ training manager, Jason Whitehurst, turns quiz master to entertain and raise much needed funds for charity.

We take a minute to applaud Jason for his online charity quiz on the run-up to its 12-month anniversary. With humble beginnings as a fun way to interact with his friends whilst furloughed, it has ended up as a weekly source of entertainment for countless households throughout the lockdowns and isolation of 2020.

When Blakemans decided to hold a quiz night in a local pub in February 2020, Jason was the ideal candidate to take the helm for the event and he certainly did not disappoint. He took to the position of host like a duck to water and helped to raise just shy of £200 for Dougie Mac whilst ensuring that a fantastic time was had by all.

Just one month on from the Quiz night, the first lockdown was imposed and Jason decided to, once again, host a quiz as a way of ‘meeting’ with his friends and having fun. Jason said

“I started the quiz last march for a group of my friends while I was furloughed and then decided to make a page and go live on Facebook so that anyone else could join if they wanted too. The quiz platform costs me £30 a month so after a few months I decided to accept donations and anything in excess of £30 donations a month I would put aside to charity.”

It wasn’t too long before news of the quiz spread throughout the Blakemans work force and many of them decided to join in. With the Facebook page steadily amassing over 360 followers, Jason decided to continue dedicating his spare time to the weekly event, despite having returned to the fold at work. Not only hosting but writing the questions and creating the quiz each week.

With team numbers averaging 35 teams per quiz, the charitable donations have been stacking up too, so far raising £330 which has been split between Midlands Air Ambulance, Crown Wharf and Dougie Mac (Blakemans charity of the year throughout 2020).

Jason is showing no signs of giving up yet too; he has said that he has enjoyed giving the participating teams something to look forward to each week whilst they are stuck inside and Blakemans are proud to have colleagues with such community sprit working with them.