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James Blakeman

Newcastle Town Football Club honours club president Jim Blakeman

Newcastle Town Football Club have dedicated their lounge to James Blakeman, in honour of decades of support.

Phil and Sue were invited to Newcastle Town this week and were thrilled to see the lounge that the club had dedicated to their father’s name. Phil said;

“It is a fitting tribute to Dad and a touching gesture from his beloved club. He would be proud to see his legacy at the club preserved in this way. Sue and I were delighted to be invited to come along to the opening of the lounge and to hear their stories of his time here”

James Blakeman

Blakemans honour their founder and chairman

The sad news of James Blakemans’ passing has seen countless messages of condolence and memories pour in from far and wide.

Mr James Thomas Blakeman M.Inst.M passed peacefully at his home at the grand age of 93. Having recently celebrated his businesses’ 70th anniversary, James was still paying regular visits to the factory. His loss has been felt by Phil, Sue, their families and everyone on site, who dearly miss him; his gentlemanly demeanour, his wisdom and his humour.

Blakemans’ Cooking Plant Investments

Blakemans have long been renowned for their re-investment into the business, with developments and improvements coming through year on year. Lately, their attentions have been on their cooking facilities, known as Blakemans Services.

2022 saw the instillation of two new inline ovens in the well-established cooking plant. One replaced an older model with the other being an additional unit. These instillations brought an increase in cooked production volumes by 50% but they didn’t stop there…

Blakemans 70th Anniversary

Blakemans 70th Anniversary

On their 70th birthday, Blakemans took some time to reflect on their heritage and map out their future.

Starting up in Staffordshire in 1953, the Blakeman family have been producing sausages and meat products that are renowned for their consistently high quality ever since. Despite the scale of the operation growing year on year and the technological advancements they’ve installed, it is their ethos of using the finest ingredients; a robust production process perfected through the generations and a heavy focus on giving great customer service that keeps their loyal customers coming back.

Blakemans new refrigerated trailers

Whilst the delivery vehicles of Blakemans have been upgraded and replaced periodically, their design has remained largely unchanged since the purchase of their first refrigerated, rigid lorry back in the 70’s.

The classic dark blue livery has endured as an icon across the roads of Britain and a firm favourite of lorry spotters everywhere; so much so that Corgi toys even released a collectable model of one of their Volvo FH arctic vehicles.

The Blakeman family are incredibly proud of their immaculately kept and meticulously maintained fleet.

T.Quality raise £10,001 for UK charities in just 4 weeks

On hearing about UK charities struggling to raise funds through an incredibly difficult 2020, T.Quality felt that that they must step in to help and Blakemans were only too happy to support them.

2020 was an incredibly difficult year across the board, including our fantastic charities in the UK who have found that they have had to shut their shops for much of the year and have not been able to rely upon events for funds as they usually would. It has been thanks to many people and businesses thinking outside the box to create new fund raisers that some of these charities have an income.

Development team makes a delicious discovery

Our development team are not people who rest on their laurels and so, upon having a pre-Christmas quiet week with few samples, they set about their favourite pass-time… experimenting! Head of Business Development James Morris said;

“It’s not often that we get an opportunity to experiment for ourselves, we can usually be found creating recipes that are crafted to meet with customer briefs, which is hugely rewarding, but we do love it when we get the opportunity. ”