It is the balance of tradition that stands the test of time, knowledgeable, passionate, long-term staff and the use of science and technology that keeps Blakemans at the top of their game. Their production facility is comfortably capable of producing over 5 million sausages per week in a process that takes just 90 minutes to go from a frozen block of meat through to a boxed finished product that has been produced to the impeccable standards and consistent quality that Blakemans are renowned for.

The fast paced, agile factory allows Blakemans to react quickly to customer demand whilst rigorous checks and measures, which are above and beyond what is expected, give customers peace of mind that they will deliver for them each and every time.


Supplying many of the biggest moving products going into ready meals, bakery chains and the hospitality market; Blakemans cooking facilities can produce Sausages, meatballs, patties and burgers to fit any specification and have the ability to oven cook or deep fry.


These fast paced, versatile facilities can produce over a million stuffing balls in just 5 hours and can go from raw materials to a cooked, frozen and packed sausage in just 40 minutes. Combining this rapidity and agility with the care and quality that they are known for keeps their customers returning project after project.

Contract Cooking

Blakemans offer a service for contract cooking that processes all kinds of products including burgers, meatballs and sausages, all of which are cooked, packed and stored with the same care, rigorous checks, attention and dedication as their own products.

To enquire about our contract cooking services, please contact Kevin Moller, Operations director for James T Blakemans (Services) Ltd on


Their dedicated product development team create on average 190 recipes per year, each one is designed to meet the individual requirements set by a customer brief. These recipes are brought to life in the development suite, which acts as the factory in miniature before being scaled up for manufacture. All products are thoroughly trialled and tested before going live.

To enquire about creating a bespoke product, please contact James Morris, Head of Business Development on


Located right in the centre of the UK, Blakemans are ideally positioned to deliver from John o’Groats to Lands’ End. Their long standing drivers who, are highly regarded by their customers, each have their own immaculately kept, meticulously serviced and rigorously maintained vehicle, dedicated to the delivery of Blakemans products, giving them full control of every aspect of each load.

Their fleet of 8 Volvo FH 500 Globetrotter tractor units all have Euro6 enigines, the most environmentally friendly diesel engines on the market and are fitted with additional safety measures, making them extremely safe on the roads. In addition their 9 Chereau refrigerated trailers, fitted with environmentally friendly Thermoking SLXe fridge units which can mixed load of frozen and chilled products with a maximum capacity of 26 pallets. The fridge units are also fitted with ThermoKing TracKing systems, enabling the internal temperatures of the trailers to be tracked and monitored at all times, ensuring that their products are delivered in top condition.

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