Blakemans Update Their Fleet

Blakemans Fleet
Blakemans Fleet
Blakemans Fleet

Blakemans update their fleet with the addition of 3 new 24 plate turbo compound engine Volvo tractor units.

Replacing two older cabs and adding a further lorry the 3 new editions take the Blakeman fleet to a total of 8 tractor units and 9 refrigerated trailers. Plated at 44 tonne each, with a capacity of 26 pallets and an average milage of 75,000 per year, each unit is dedicated to delivering Blakemans sausage from John o’Groats to Lands’ End.

Having these newer models has ensured that the fleet is as environmentally friendly as possible. Nathan Hodgkiss, Transport Manager (M.I.L.T) for Blakemans said;

“With the arrival of the new units, our fleet now consists of entirely Volvo FH 500 Globetrot XL cabs, all are Euro6, which are the cleanest diesel engines available. The 3 new 24 plates are the latest turbo compound engine which are Volvos most efficient yet. Delivering improved fuel economy at +10 mpg, a very good return for a truck, which reduces fuel costs as well as emissions. We have also installed Volvo connect to allow us to track the vehicles, their fuel consumption and monitors the environmental impact of the vehicles too”

The Blakeman team did not stop there, however, when considering the environmental impact of their fleet. Nathan added;

“The tractor units all pull one of our 9 Chereau fridge trailers with environmentally friendly Thermoking SLXe fridge units that run on both diesel and electric standby. The trailers are also tracked using the TermoKing TracKing system allowing us to monitor not only the trailers’ location but the internal temperature of it at all times too, ensuring food safety”

The new vehicles have many safety features which will benefit the public too. Nathan continued;

“Road safety is of paramount importance to us. This is one of the reasons we chose Volvo, whose high safety standards give their tractor units a reputation for being one of the safest trucks on the road. We take a preventative maintenance approach to our fleet too, which makes them extremely safe on the road.  All of our trucks are fitted with forward and side cameras and adaptive cruise control which helps prevent rear impact collision. Added to this is Forward crash warning with emergency braking and lane departure warning to prevent lane drifting as well as all direct vision, which is required in order to enter London. Our trucks and trailers are also maintained by Thomas Hardie commercials and have safety inspections on a 6-weekly basis.”

After having considered the environment, food safety and road safety, the Blakeman team wanted to ensure the welfare of their drivers too. All of their cabs needed to become a home from home for their drivers, who can be away for up to 4 nights per week, dependant on workload. Each of their fleet features Sat Nav, a fridge, a microwave and a TV for driver convenience and comfort.