Blakemans new refrigerated trailers

Whilst the delivery vehicles of Blakemans have been upgraded and replaced periodically, their design has remained largely unchanged since the purchase of their first refrigerated, rigid lorry back in the 70’s.

The classic dark blue livery has endured as an icon across the roads of Britain and a firm favourite of lorry spotters everywhere; so much so that Corgi toys even released a collectable model of one of their Volvo FH arctic vehicles.

The Blakeman family are incredibly proud of their immaculately kept and meticulously maintained fleet. They were reluctant to alter the time honoured design initially but were interested by an idea from a staff member to modify the design to predominantly white livery would mean that the refrigerated units would not need to work as hard to combat heat absorption on sunny days, saving on fuel consumption and making the units more environmentally friendly.

When the family saw designs created by James Blakemans grandson, Sam Cope, they were convinced. He had managed to amend the design to white whilst maintaining the historic designs, brand heritage and even blending in the tractor units with the all blue cabs.

So far, three of these trailers have arrived with a further two on the way. The feedback for the new trailers has been overwhelmingly positive and the Blakemans are excited to see the fuel consumption savings that the design modification will bring.